Crushing & Screening Services

Custom on-site crushing and screening serving the little guys. We serve contractors, municipalities, and other folks needing crushing or screening of smaller volumes of material.

Mobile jaw and cone crushers available to make your own material.

J Roy Crushing machine

The Backstory...

Jay has done excavating and paving work for years. He has dragged home load after load of junk fill, loam, woods loam, broken asphalt, you know the drill.

Years later, Jay managed a small gravel pit with his wife, Becky. They were able to screen their own sand and sell bank run material. But crushing was always a challenge.

It was so had to find someone willing to process smaller volumes of material. Meeting a minimum number of yards meant having significant amount of money to put up front as well. It was challenging at best….

We have our own screener and have a portable crusher that we use on our own pit and will travel to your site as well!

We chage a mobilization fee based on where we are going and what machines we are bringing. Then we charge by the day. There is no minimum yardage to meet, no minimum number of days to commit to. We do stay “reasonably” local, however.

We have screen sand and loam for many contractors in their yard on their site. We have crushed for municipalities in their yards. We have crushed for contrators who had to blast ledge rock on their site. We then moved in, crushed their material, and they were then able to use it for the base of the driveway rather than having to haul in additional material.

Let's get to work!

If you’re a contractor with a growing pile of material that you have dragged home, what are you hoping to make out of it? Do you need loam screened out? Could you make and use a base material? Do you have enough stone to make a processed gravel?

Do you have material sitting on a job site that could be processed into something else?

There’s lots to think about here! Give us a call and we can brainstorm together about what materials you could make and what you could use them for.

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