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Decades of experience turning visions into reality with excavators, bulldozers, graders, and more. Let’s talk about your vision!

What We Do

When you hear the word excavation, you probably picture digging holes and trenches. But there’s so much more! Jay has been operating equipment for decades. He has the unique ability to visualize the finished product from the very beginning. He can often foresee potential issues and make suggestions early on to prevent future frustrations and added expenses.

Jay is very patient, and very fussy—a great combination for creating happy customers.

foundation in progress

Foundations & Site Work

Digging for footings, cellar holes, or concrete slabs. This includes supplying the materials needed, compaction, and backfilling.

back hoe clearing a lot in the woods


Do you have a residential or commercial building lot that you are ready to start working on? We can help you with lot clearing – including brush, stumps, grading, and drainage.

septic installation

Septic System Install & Repair

Installing new systems, replacing failed systems, and making repairs to existing systems.

Preparing to pave a new driveway


We’re happy to install new gravel driveways, replace and/or grade existing gravel driveways. We offer various types of gravel to fit your needs. Grading is done in such a way to keep run-off moving in the direction you want it to go. Compaction is key!

culvert next to road uncovered


Creating a new driveway? Replacing a damaged culvert? We can help! As always, the grade and depth of the pipe is important.

drainage system in progress

Drainage Issues

Proper drainage is so important! Planning ahead where run-off should go is essential. There are various ways to manage this including perimeter drains, sloping, pipes, and more.

pasture maint

Pasture Improvement

If your pasture is overgrown, we can pull out the brush and grade it. If you have manure to be scraped and cleaned out, or if you need help with drainage and footing, give us a call!

water electrical lines

Water & Electrical Lines

Digging for water and electrical line placement or repairs.

shed or barn site

Shed or Barn Site Prep

Prefabricated sheds are pretty popular these days. We can prep your site for delivery! Jay will take the time to set grades to assure that your site is level.

logs in a clearing

Log Landings

Log landings need to be spacious and organized to be as efficient as possible. We can help you with the grading and layout. We have tailing stone available for the entrance to help keep mud off the road.


If you have an idea in mind, but can’t quite figure out how to make it happen, call us. Jay has so many years of experience that he most likely can help you solve the puzzle.

Ready to Start Your Project?

J Roy Excavating has a variety of sized trucks; small, medium, and large excavators; bulldozers; rollers; grades; and a multitude of hand tools to get jobs done efficiently.

When you are ready to start your project, give us a call. We will be happy to help you with your excavating needs including planning, equipment, and materials.

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